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More Than Just A Warning...

You'll find that when the mood takes me, I can be quite generious. Sympathetic. Compassionate. Kind. Loving. Thoughtful, ect.

I don't know though....haven't really felt anything from...any of you to make me 'care for you' neccessarily. o_O

I'm sorry I was such a fucking fool to care for anybody. I'm sorry I was such a fucking fool for believing anybody. Giving you all the benefit of the doubt.

I don't know...I think I like being cut off from everybody. LiveJournal just irritates me. MSN just pisses me off...

I'll be damned if I ever allow myself to be mislead by another human being EVER. I was blind sided by all of you apparently. I thought more of everyone.

I tried and tried to be 'friends' with those of you I could and YOU made it QUITE obvious to me that you could hardly STAND ME. Meanwhile I thought we had a good thing going...Again, I was horribly mislead. Now I feel NOTHING but embarassment and great shame.

Good Bye.
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