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Knowledge Comes With Death's Release...

Well Secluded...I See All...

10 September
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I think I'm pretty cool.... I mean, I -DO- have my own barcode =D !!!!1

LJ Barcode
LJ username:

don't you? O_o

Seriously though, if you REALLY want to know me, ask me. I'll be MORE THAN HAPPY to tell you. ^_^

But here are the BASICS:

Marital Status: SINGLE!
Eyes: Blue!
Hair: ShortER than it was before, red and CURLY!
Music: HARDCORE PUNK MAN! hehe, kidding. I range from the fine symphonies/operas of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to the amazing tunes of Disturbed, Refused, Queens Of The Stone Age, DAVID BOWIE (My love ;) ), Jet, Hawksley Workman and yes....Clay Aiken. I'm sorry. :P

Which reminds me...

Husband of Choice: Anybody :(

Fave. Season: Fall
Colour: I LOVE red and blue together but lately punk pink is my colour of coice O_o
One thing I can't live without: Money. $$$

That should do it. Until then. Peace.

Love me? Hate me? Bite me!


=D !
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