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Greetings & Salutations My Peers.

For those of you who currently have me on your MSN List (and/or for those of you who HAVE MSN and WANT to add me!), I've made a new account.

My computer is being PIRATED and someone/something has hacked into my MSN account with the ever so dorky name This account is NO MORE!

My NEW account it I've sent an email to -most- of you but if there is anyone I have forogotten, let THIS POST be your 'email'. I merely just didn't have you added in my address book on hotmail. I didn't forget you out of rudeness or anything. =P

So, please add me. It would take me a long long long long long long LOOONG time for me to add each and every one of you guys again. I have....TONS of people on my MSN List which would obviously require for me to have TONS of TIME. Which I do NOT have lately. I have my FINAL Computer Law Exam tomorrow. :-/ Eeep. Wish me Luch, eh? :)

Anyway, add me and stuff. Ciao.

~The Jenn! :)


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