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Different (New?) Quizzes! (An I REFUSE To Use A LJ Cut!!)

Take the quiz: "Which American City Are You?"

San Francisco
Liberal and proud, you'll live your lifestyle however you choose in the face of all that would supress you.

Take the quiz: "What infamous person are you?"

Ted Bundy
Congratulations... you're the sick fuck known as Ted Bundy. You killed hundreds of women and pulled off some great adventures. Mainly, escaping from prison and killing several women in the same sorority house. Although the bow tie was a dead give away, you managed to stay above the law for a pretty good amount of time. Eventually you rode the electric chair and shat your pants... but not without leaving an impression on the world!

Take the quiz: "What kind of person were you in your past life?"

Suicidal Rocker
So your career...yeah that's a shame

Take the quiz: "Who is your Kill Bill Fag Hag?"

Elle Driver aka California Mountain Snake
You both have class. You both have style. Hell, you probably have one part of a pair of organ/appendages missing. You guys always end up in relationship where you have to compete with others for the love of your affection. You guys probably met at some chemical warehouse where both of you had a plan to poison your competition. You're a vindictive AND bitter queen.

Take the quiz: "Which Chicago Character are you?"

Velma Kelly
you've got a fiery personality which can sometimes get you into trouble but your hearts always in the right place.

Take the quiz: "Which Random Irish Gaelic Phrase Are You? "

Pog mo thoin
Pog mo thoin - 'Kiss my ass.'You're one tough bastard, and if anyone doesn't like it, they can kiss your ass. You enjoy fighting and causing grievous bodily harm. Hey! What are you lookin' at, punk?

Kay...I've neglected my homework for long enough... =/
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