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When one vomits (sorry for the detail and such folks) and then one vomits BLOOD it normal? ..In some cases? ....Anyway, the amount of blood I just lost can NOT be normal. That was gross. Ya...and I had to tell you about it because it's almost 4 am and I'm sad by the whole thing.


Flu sucks. You break out into sweats. You're all pale and stuff. You spend more than half the time in the bathroom choking up your goddamn inards. Gives you a bad taste in your mouth. Your dizzy all the time. You want to go to sleep but you CAN'T! Youre WHOLE body aches and shakes. You tell your friends about it...augh, it's all a very sad thing this FLU business. Tears me up ;_;


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Jenn, I'd go to the doctor as soon as you can. I had the flu a while back, and I never vomited blood. Damn, I wish my mum was home... she is an R.N and I could ask her what's going on.

[When I had the flu, I had walked and fell to the ground a couple of times (almost like fainting.) I couldn't even get up without having to vomit. Like you, I couldn't sleep and I felt light headed. My whole body felt limp... so I know what you are going through. I hope you are taking aspirin or ibuprofen. Is anyone looking out for you? I hope so. I hope you fell better real soon.]
My mum got the night off. So I asked her. (These are not diagnosis', go see a doctor to see what is really wrong.)She said that if you have been vomiting a lot, that you might have broken a blood vessel (the blood is bright red.) But she said if you are vomiting a coffee ground, dark, odd blood color you might have an ulcer.

She's not sure what you have, so don't take any of this to heart... only a doctor can tell you what is wrong. Like I said... she's just taking a guess from what I have told her.

She told me to tell you to go see a doctor.
Coooool! Thanks! =D I'm betting it's an ulcer...if anything. My stomache is....burning all the time! *laughs* You're so good to me. ^__^

Thanks goes out to you AND your mom. :)

I must go back to sleep now.

~The Jenn.
That happened to me when I had the flu. I'm sorry; I hope you feel better soon! See a doctor ASAP.