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I'm In QUITE The Mood!

A GOOD MOOD! I don't know why. I've had all odds work against me, HORRIBLY for the past few days. It's -really- been quite horrible for the past while but I can't seem to be upset about it all...yet? I don't know. Perhaps it will just take time for things to settle and perhaps once details are sorted out and final then maybe things will start hitting home. But for now, I'm just enjoying the ride. ^_^

I can't sleep! I, AGAIN, lay awake in my room, staring at the ceiling, watching 'Rocky Horror" (god FORBID I say that name EVER AGAIN, shame on ME >,<) and I think about everyone. I wonder what Jess is doing, I wonder what Marika is doing, I wonder what Ken has been drawing/painting, I wonder if Graham is writing more songs or poems right now, I wonder what Andrew is doing, I wonder what so and so is doing, and so on. You get the idea. I think and think and think for HOOOUUURS until my alarm clock goes off at 6 am and it's time for me to get up and go again. And surprisingly enough, I'M NOT TIRED. I've got enough energy to last me a whole MONTH. I feel like Wonder Woman. ^_^

I'm in school! Yay! In just 36 weeks you'll all be proud to know me as A PARALEGAL! Seriously! ^_^ I've got my eye set on a job in Toronto already! Quite excited. I hate school and I HATE going and I HATE being stressed out because of it, but damn it's going to be rewarding in the end. GOOD BYE ZEHRS! FUCK YOU MINIMUM WAGE! Hahaha. Oh dear. See, I'm in a mood tonight. -_- Appologies! =D

I think my mom is moving out. But ALSO, my father has some suit cases packed in the basement, I saw the other night! I am SUSPICIOUS! Also, my grandmother has bought a Queen size bed and she re-did one of her guest rooms in her house. -__- My mom also was talking on the phone with her last week and I heard her say, "Thank you for setting us up, mom. One more outburst and Jenny and I will be over. Thank You again."


what else..what else..? ...Have had more doctors appointments...same with my mother...much much travelling going on back and forth to the doctors in Hamilton and such. Blah.
I have NOOOOOO money. (which makes for a dull Jenn)
I like to dress up my cat for entertainment!
Aaaaaand I now have Photoshop so ANY POINTERS on HOW to use this program would be MUCHLY MUCHLY MUCHLY APPRECIATED! So far Ken wins! (food and orgasms, buddy. food and orgasms) AHAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAA!! HELP JENN! ^_^

......and now I have a phone call...BYE PEOPLE! (this is the ODDEST WAY I've EVER ended a LJ post)

Love Always!
~The Jenn!
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