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Ahoy Thar: [22 Jan 2005|03:55pm]
Hey everyone. I'm deleting this journal so for those of you who haven't already, add my journal total_blam_blam :) Later!
(Suck Baby, Suck)

1)To be eligible for WSIB insurance benefits, you must:
· Have a worker-employer relationship with an employer covered by the WSIB
· Have an injury or illness directly related to your work.
· Promptly file a claim with the WSIB
· Provide all relevant information requested by the WSIB to help us determine your benefits.
· Consent to the release of functional abilities information to your employer by the health care professional treating you.
2) Benefit for Loss of Earnings (LOE)
Benefit for Non-Economic Loss (NEL)
Loss of Retirement Income (LRI) Benefit
Benefit for Future Economic Loss (FEL)
Health Care Benefits
The Occupational Disease and Survivor Benefits Program
Benefits for Seriously Injured Workers
3) After January 1st, 1998, you would get 85% of your Take Home Pay. Ta Da ^_^
4) Loss of earnings benefits continue until you are no longer impaired by your work- related injury or illness, or until you no longer have a loss of earnings, or until you reach age 65.

If you are still impaired at age 65, LOE benefits stop, but loss of retirement income benefits may apply. If you are 63 years old or older at the time of injury, you can receive LOE benefits for up to two years as long as you have loss of earnings.
5) In addition to loss of earnings benefits, WSIB benefits pay for a number of costs related to workplace injury and illness, including:
· Health care
· Prescription drugs
· Medical devices and orthotics
· Transportation costs associated with work-related injury or illness.
6) The WSIB provides a team of professionals to help workers get back to work after illness or injury. This team includes an adjudicator and a nurse case manager (a nurse trained to deal with workplace injury). The team may also call on mediators, ergonomists, advisors, and outside providers to help the worker get back to work.
7) Most people who have a workplace injury or illness are able to return to some type of work even while they are still recovering, provided the work is medically suited to the injury or illness. Returning to daily work and life activities can actually help an injured worker's recovery and reduce the chance of long- term disability. In fact, worldwide research shows that the longer you are off work due to injury or illness, the less likely it is that you will return to work.
1. Get proper medical treatment immediately following a work-related injury or illness and follow the recommendations of your health care providers
2. Report your injury to your employer as soon as possible.
3. Contact your employer as soon as possible after the injury or illness occurs. Stay in contact with your employer throughout your recovery, to keep the company informed about your progress and status. (For your own benefit, keep a record of those contacts.)
4. Help your employer identify suitable work that is available, that is consistent with your functional abilities, and that restores pre-injury earnings when possible.
5. Give your adjudicator or nurse case manager any information requested concerning your return to work.
6. Report any significant change in your medical condition or income that may affect your benefits (also called a "material change"). If you are in doubt about whether a change is material, contact your adjudicator. You must report any material change in your status within 10 days of the change occurring.
7. Cooperate with your employer and the WSIB in your early and safe return to work.

9) Your employer is required to:
1. Report your injury to the WSIB.
2. Contact you as soon as possible after your injury and stay in contact throughout your recovery.
3. Offer to re-employ you if you are medically fit to do the essential duties of your job or suitable work if: · there are 20 or more people working at your company, and · you have worked at the company continuously for at least one year.Note: Different rules apply to Construction Sector companies. Contact your adjudicator for more information.This duty to re-employ you remains in effect for the earliest of: · one year after you are declared fit to return to the essential duties of your pre-injury job or other suitable work · two years from the date of injury/illness · the date the worker reaches age 65
4. Attempt to provide you with suitable work. This is work that: · is safe and within your physical capabilities · you have the skills to do or that you can learn the skills to do · restores your pre-injury earnings as much as possible
5. Give the WSIB any information requested about your return to work.

10) The WSIB will:
1. Help you understand : · What to expect through the Return to Work (RTW) process · What you and your employer are expected to do · Your rights and obligations · Who to ask for help
2. Monitor your activity, progress, and cooperation between you and your employer throughout the RTW process.
3. Obtain and clarify functional abilities information.
4. Assess the need for a Labour Market Re-entry (LMR) Plan if early and safe return to work is unlikely.
5. Help resolve difficulties and disputes through the Return to Work and Labour Marke Re-entry process.
6. Provide ergonomic and/or mediation services, and/or site visits to help you and your employer through the RTW/ or LMR process.
7. Make decisions on all claim-related and compliance issues.

11) Most workers and employers cooperate in the return to work process. In cases, however, where the WSIB determines either party to be non-compliant with their legal obligations, they may be penalized.

Your benefits may be reduced, suspended, or even stopped if the WSIB determines that you are not co-operating in the Return to Work (RTW) process.

Your employer, too, can be penalized for not fulfilling their re-employment obligations.

12) Your adjudicator will help you with procedural matters concerning your claim and can:
· Intervene if you think your employer is not fulfilling his or her responsibilities in helping you return to work · Involve a WSIB return to work mediator to help you and your employer resolve disagreements · Call on a WSIB ergonomist to help you and your employer find ways to modify your workstation, and/or parts of your job to ensure these are suited to your physical capabilities. For more information about how ergonomics can work for your workplace, download our Making Ergonomics Work (138k, pdf) brochure. · Identify and coordinate any services you may need that are beyond what the WSIB provides.

13) First, ask your adjudicator to help you resolve the dispute. If this is not successful, then you can request return to work mediation.

Return to Work Mediation is a conflict-resolution process based on fairness, privacy, self-determination, and the best interests of you and your employer.

Within the parameters of the return to work provisions of the Act and the WSIB's policies and procedures, a mediator can reduce the obstacles to communication, help you explore alternatives, and address the needs of everyone involved.

The goal of mediation is to help you and your employer arrive at your own solution, because decision-making authority rests with you.

14) This Program provides specialized services to workers, dependents, and employers affected by certain serious occupational illnesses such as:
· Cancer · Asthma · Asbestosis and Silicosis · Inhalation of substances and fumes · Noise-induced hearing loss
If you are a worker with one of the above illnesses or conditions, or are a survivor of a worker who died from such illnesses, you'll benefit from the expertise offered by this program's specially trained personnel.

15) If you are still impaired at age 65, LOE benefits stop, but loss of retirement income benefits may apply. If you are 63 years old or older at the time of injury, you can receive LOE benefits for up to two years as long as you have loss of earnings.

· Injured workers with the following injuries or circumstances:
1. Hemiplegia, Paraplegia, Quadriplegia, or Paraparesis;2. Major amputations; 3. Blindness;4. Major burns5. Brain injuries that require major cognitive interventions, prevent the worker's living independently or the handling of the worker's own affairs.6. Serious crushing injuries to chest,abdomen,or pelvis such as those requiring transfer to a major trauma hospital.

17) You'll receive an LOE payment every two weeks. After 72 months, the LOE benefit is made permanent. It may be turned into a lump sum payment if the amount of the benefit is less than 10% of what you would have received if you were unable to work at all.

18) The adjustment is increasing. For 2004, you will receive a 1.6 per cent cost of living increase in the payment rates for these allowances:
· Independent Living Allowance - $ 3,177.57 for the year
· Personal Care Allowance/Skilled Rate - $ 17.13 per hour
· Personal Care Allowance/Personal Rate - $10.70 per hour
· Guide Dog Allowance - $860.75 per year
In addition, the Personal Care Allowance/Basic Supervisory Rate will rise to $7.15 per hour, based on the new minimum wage of $7.15 per hour. You can expect to see these increases reflected on all cheques issued after January 1, 2004.

20) That your injury has healed, that you have gone back to work, and that you are receiving any other money from somewhere else.
(Suck Baby, Suck)

[29 Aug 2004|10:35pm]
[ mood | careless ]

Those of you who went to my highschool/grade school and are still reading my LJ, I thought I'd skip over here and inform you that Jill Sherman, a good friend of mine, just had a baby boy last night at 10 pm. ^_^

That's 2 BABIES in 2 DAYS FOR ME!!!!!!!!!! God, maybe this is a sign to get off the birth control and have babies. ^_^ I want one now. No...I want a million. ^_^

Anyway, I'll be moving in with my boyfriend for a few until I get rid of this mono shit (Can't infect my mom. Mom could die! Eep). Need me? Come to my place(s) of employment. Aside from living with the guy I'm seeing, I'll also be 'living' at college and my jobs. Hehehe. Busy Me. :P

Also, those who are STILL looking for a job, Zehrs is now OFFICIALLY hiring for ALL departments. (My Zehrs..not ALL Zehrs). But keep in mind, I help with hiring. If I KNOW what kind of person you REALLY ARE....yeah, forget it.

Ciao kids.

(Suck Baby, Suck)

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! [28 Aug 2004|12:48pm]
[ mood | excited ]


Life is beautiful. It really truely IS. ^_^

Bouncy 2

On A Side Note:
Good luck to those of you going back to school. Good Bye! :)


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[04 Jul 2004|12:46am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Cute Quizzes (With some of your names in it! Careful Now)Collapse )

(Suck Baby, Suck)

Pop Quiz Hot Shots: [04 Jul 2004|12:05am]
[ mood | (and Starving!) ]

Why is it that I get nothing but disrespect from everybody?!
It's not like I'm RUDE to any of you! Why am I getting such a lack of repect?!

I don't mean to sound selfish but, quite frankly, I deserve way better than this.

I'm not 'annoying', I'm not 'immature', I'm clearly not stupid, I'm not lazy, I'm not incapable of anything, I'm not heartless (comletely), I'm not differend...So WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG?!

Get off your fucking high horses and think about someone you probably 'forgot' in your 'busy, busy lives of whatever it is you all do all day and night'.



(Suck Baby, Suck)

***IMPORTANT*** [17 Jun 2004|11:35pm]
[ mood | (and VERY thirsty) ]

Greetings & Salutations My Peers.

For those of you who currently have me on your MSN List (and/or for those of you who HAVE MSN and WANT to add me!), I've made a new account.

My computer is being PIRATED and someone/something has hacked into my MSN account with the ever so dorky name mrs_ewan_mcgregor1@hotmail.com This account is NO MORE!

My NEW account it lady_bowie@hotmail.com. I've sent an email to -most- of you but if there is anyone I have forogotten, let THIS POST be your 'email'. I merely just didn't have you added in my address book on hotmail. I didn't forget you out of rudeness or anything. =P

So, please add me. It would take me a long long long long long long LOOONG time for me to add each and every one of you guys again. I have....TONS of people on my MSN List which would obviously require for me to have TONS of TIME. Which I do NOT have lately. I have my FINAL Computer Law Exam tomorrow. :-/ Eeep. Wish me Luch, eh? :)

Anyway, add me and stuff. Ciao.

~The Jenn! :)


(Suck Baby, Suck)

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! [15 Jun 2004|07:16pm]
David Bowie is now officially the CUTEST man alive!

"Sometimes when I'm at a McDonalds, I wait until nobody is looking, and then I stick my hand inside the straw dispenser and touch all the straws." O_O
~David Bowie, BOWIE SECRETS on Conan O'Brien.

(To me however, he already was the cutest man alive. This just enhances it.) ^_~

Ya, I'm going to go golfing now. =D
(Suck Baby, Suck)

Different (New?) Quizzes! (An I REFUSE To Use A LJ Cut!!) [11 Jun 2004|12:07am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Take the quiz: "Which American City Are You?"

San Francisco
Liberal and proud, you'll live your lifestyle however you choose in the face of all that would supress you.

Take the quiz: "What infamous person are you?"

Ted Bundy
Congratulations... you're the sick fuck known as Ted Bundy. You killed hundreds of women and pulled off some great adventures. Mainly, escaping from prison and killing several women in the same sorority house. Although the bow tie was a dead give away, you managed to stay above the law for a pretty good amount of time. Eventually you rode the electric chair and shat your pants... but not without leaving an impression on the world!

Take the quiz: "What kind of person were you in your past life?"

Suicidal Rocker
So your career...yeah that's a shame

Take the quiz: "Who is your Kill Bill Fag Hag?"

Elle Driver aka California Mountain Snake
You both have class. You both have style. Hell, you probably have one part of a pair of organ/appendages missing. You guys always end up in relationship where you have to compete with others for the love of your affection. You guys probably met at some chemical warehouse where both of you had a plan to poison your competition. You're a vindictive AND bitter queen.

Take the quiz: "Which Chicago Character are you?"

Velma Kelly
you've got a fiery personality which can sometimes get you into trouble but your hearts always in the right place.

Take the quiz: "Which Random Irish Gaelic Phrase Are You? "

Pog mo thoin
Pog mo thoin - 'Kiss my ass.'You're one tough bastard, and if anyone doesn't like it, they can kiss your ass. You enjoy fighting and causing grievous bodily harm. Hey! What are you lookin' at, punk?

Kay...I've neglected my homework for long enough... =/

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This Is Me [07 Jun 2004|03:18pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

I am at school. ^_^ I'm just updating because I CAN! Tee Hee ^_^

(Suck Baby, Suck)

This Is Cute ^_^ [06 Jun 2004|12:23am]
[ mood | angry ]

Neat, no? It's definately something a lot of people should take into consideration ^_^

(Not mentioning any names though...*cough*)
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Attention Family. [25 May 2004|10:09pm]
If the White Family and the Kent Family could call home when possible, or come home when possible, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.
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Oh...my god. [11 May 2004|03:17am]
[ mood | sick ]

When one vomits (sorry for the detail and such folks) and then one vomits BLOOD after...is it normal? ..In some cases? ....Anyway, the amount of blood I just lost can NOT be normal. That was gross. Ya...and I had to tell you about it because it's almost 4 am and I'm sad by the whole thing.


Flu sucks. You break out into sweats. You're all pale and stuff. You spend more than half the time in the bathroom choking up your goddamn inards. Gives you a bad taste in your mouth. Your dizzy all the time. You want to go to sleep but you CAN'T! Youre WHOLE body aches and shakes. You tell your friends about it...augh, it's all a very sad thing this FLU business. Tears me up ;_;


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More Than Just A Warning... [07 May 2004|04:32pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

You'll find that when the mood takes me, I can be quite generious. Sympathetic. Compassionate. Kind. Loving. Thoughtful, ect.

I don't know though....haven't really felt anything from...any of you to make me 'care for you' neccessarily. o_O

I'm sorry I was such a fucking fool to care for anybody. I'm sorry I was such a fucking fool for believing anybody. Giving you all the benefit of the doubt.

I don't know...I think I like being cut off from everybody. LiveJournal just irritates me. MSN just pisses me off...

I'll be damned if I ever allow myself to be mislead by another human being EVER. I was blind sided by all of you apparently. I thought more of everyone.

I tried and tried to be 'friends' with those of you I could and YOU made it QUITE obvious to me that you could hardly STAND ME. Meanwhile I thought we had a good thing going...Again, I was horribly mislead. Now I feel NOTHING but embarassment and great shame.

Good Bye.

(Suck Baby, Suck)

This Is Just A Test... [10 Apr 2004|08:57pm]
[ mood | sad ]

I just got a Photobucket Account for free Picture Hosting...uploading...thing...I'm just testing it out...


It appears to be working for me...anyone else?

~The Jenn

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HE'S ARRIVED! [27 Mar 2004|01:48pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

My new baby cousin FINALLY came ealiy this morning. Around 5 AM.

She was in labour for over 24 hours and it was expected to be a LATE yet QUICK child birth. She wasn't even DUE for almost another month!

They named the baby William, ( I guess you can tell it's a baby boy) and I love him dearly. ^_^


Just got home from work. Haven't even been in bed yet. I last slept yesterday until about 3:30 AM or so...so, I'm TIRED. You have no idea.

So, bye! <3


~The Jenn!

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A Blast From The Past [15 Mar 2004|09:49pm]
[ mood | Awww ^_^ ]

While cleaning my Office, I managed to find my high school 'Autographs' book for my Year Book.

Reading all the comments made me giggle and chuckle...but I love the fact the Jess and Graham took up a whole page. Jess with her map of 'Jessonia' (which she did in the darkness of Waterloo Stage Theatre) and Graham with his trademark 'block letters'.

I love this little booklet. ^_^

Anyway, just thought I would say that. I'm stalling actually. I don't want to clean anymore. I just want to sleep or...fall down (and go to sleep) or something. Ya, totally.

....to prolong to stalling, I think I shall scan in my 'autographs' book...just for shits and giggles. :)

Love And Oreos,
~Hot Patootie, Bless My Soul. (I Really Love That Rock And Roll!)


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I'm In QUITE The Mood! [13 Mar 2004|01:09am]
[ mood | VERY VERY VERY ODD! @_@ ]

A GOOD MOOD! I don't know why. I've had all odds work against me, HORRIBLY for the past few days. It's -really- been quite horrible for the past while but I can't seem to be upset about it all...yet? I don't know. Perhaps it will just take time for things to settle and perhaps once details are sorted out and final then maybe things will start hitting home. But for now, I'm just enjoying the ride. ^_^

I can't sleep! I, AGAIN, lay awake in my room, staring at the ceiling, watching 'Rocky Horror" (god FORBID I say that name EVER AGAIN, shame on ME >,<) and I think about everyone. I wonder what Jess is doing, I wonder what Marika is doing, I wonder what Ken has been drawing/painting, I wonder if Graham is writing more songs or poems right now, I wonder what Andrew is doing, I wonder what so and so is doing, and so on. You get the idea. I think and think and think for HOOOUUURS until my alarm clock goes off at 6 am and it's time for me to get up and go again. And surprisingly enough, I'M NOT TIRED. I've got enough energy to last me a whole MONTH. I feel like Wonder Woman. ^_^

I'm in school! Yay! In just 36 weeks you'll all be proud to know me as A PARALEGAL! Seriously! ^_^ I've got my eye set on a job in Toronto already! Quite excited. I hate school and I HATE going and I HATE being stressed out because of it, but damn it's going to be rewarding in the end. GOOD BYE ZEHRS! FUCK YOU MINIMUM WAGE! Hahaha. Oh dear. See, I'm in a mood tonight. -_- Appologies! =D

I think my mom is moving out. But ALSO, my father has some suit cases packed in the basement, I saw the other night! I am SUSPICIOUS! Also, my grandmother has bought a Queen size bed and she re-did one of her guest rooms in her house. -__- My mom also was talking on the phone with her last week and I heard her say, "Thank you for setting us up, mom. One more outburst and Jenny and I will be over. Thank You again."


what else..what else..? ...Have had more doctors appointments...same with my mother...much much travelling going on back and forth to the doctors in Hamilton and such. Blah.
I have NOOOOOO money. (which makes for a dull Jenn)
I like to dress up my cat for entertainment!
Aaaaaand I now have Photoshop so ANY POINTERS on HOW to use this program would be MUCHLY MUCHLY MUCHLY APPRECIATED! So far Ken wins! (food and orgasms, buddy. food and orgasms) AHAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAA!! HELP JENN! ^_^

......and now I have a phone call...BYE PEOPLE! (this is the ODDEST WAY I've EVER ended a LJ post)

Love Always!
~The Jenn!

(Suck Baby, Suck)

Bored...yet entertained! [12 Mar 2004|12:10pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Bored Beyond Belief. Seriously. Augh. BUT! I've come across some rather...'amusing' quizzes. ^_^

Who is in your celebrity family? by cerulean_dreams
User Name
DadAnthony Hopkins
BrotherJohnny Depp
SisterCameron Diaz
BoyfriendEric Bana
Best friendOwen Wilson
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!

..so...I want to fuck my brother. GREEEEAAAT. -__-

Your celebrity threesome! by cerulean_dreams
user name
favorite color
It will take place...in a haunted castle in England
Number of times it will happen18
First PartnerOrlando Bloom
Second PartnerJohnny Depp
Will it be fun?Mmmmmm, sex
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!

Orlando Bloom...not my cup of tea...but Johnny Depp...heh. I like that brand of tea. Mmm Hmm. ;)

Which Johnny Depp character do you belong with? by cerulean_dreams
You fall in love with
You meetwhile looking for treasure
His friends thinkYou belong together
Your friends thinkhe should dump you for them
You willhave an affair then dump him
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!

Oh baby oh baby OH! ^__________^

Which Johnny Depp icon are you? by cerulean_dreams
User Name
Favorite JD movie
Your icon is
Why?Because you are a true fan
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!

...dayum... Woooo. ^_^

Johnny Depp~ Back off bitch... he is mine. You
obviousy go for the mysterious/ tortured pretty
boy looks. I agree! You like great bodies and a
man that can play any role and make it

What famous actor should you mess around with? (9 hot pics!)
brought to you by Quizilla


I'll be posting later on. Ya, something with actual substance. I have to get back to school. >_< And then...go to work... >_______<

~The Jenn.
(You Know You Love Me) :P
(Suck Baby, Suck)

------x------- [05 Mar 2004|08:10pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

(Suck Baby, Suck)

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